My Jet program
My Jet First is a Powerful Business Tool:
. Marketing & Public Relations
. Performance & Productivity

Means More Revenue.
  MY JET--takes me and my clients Anytime...Anywhere.




Marketing/PR Tool...

- Private and discrete.

- Attractiveness.
- Transportation of customers.
-Transportation of suppliers.
- Transportation of employees & executives.

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- More revenue or market share growth.

- Profit growth.

- Asset efficiency.




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You do not have the safety, security or flexibility on any airline that My Jet First provides.





Every client is unique. My Jet strategy is "satisfaction based on a profitable successful business relationship".
Confidentiality of clients using My Jet is an asset.


"Our key IT developers spend extra effort to make sure that when they take the business jet the trip is high productivity, with multiple stops in one day and usually three to four people onboard."

-Information Technology CEO


"Using our jets, we can accomplish in 1 working-business day what would otherwise take 3 working-business days using the airlines. Our staff are home at night. They come to work the next day rested and ready to produce."

-Hotel-Resort Executive. Inc.