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AMM compliance & customized programs.
Aircraft Park & Sell (Phase-In/Phase-Out).
Records audits, assets management & sales.
Airworthiness parts, inventory storage & acquisition...
All type of aircraft... airlines, corporate & general aviation.
Type Rated-qualified Aircraft Engineers (Airbus & Boeing family...).
Aircraft Storage & Parking (Paved, outdoor & hangar Parking).
The only dry weather, non-corrosive desert condition, in the region.
150 ha. (370 acres) of available space (the largest overseas).
Liaison office with Africa, Europe and Internationally ...
24/7 cameras surveillance, patrolling police & security.
Full service FBO, aviation liaison office…
Best Price-Quality ratio in the industry.

Assets: confidentiality, integrity & reliability...

- Insurance solutions.
- Aircraft sales &   acquisitions.
- Aircraft Parts Solutions
- Malta Island
  Aircraft Registry.
- Gateway & liaison to   Africa/Europe.

- Onsite FBO.
- Interior cleaning.
- Exterior washing.
- Cockpit cleaning.
- Carpet cleaning   /Change.
- Spot & stain removal.
- and much more...


Simply the best. Our staff is coming from diversified rich backgrounds: type-rated licensed aircraft engineers (Airbus & Boeing...), certified airworthiness engineers; professional pilots with extensive experience, former executives government officials & high ranking military staff. Definitely Aviation is not, a side line business to us, it is a Profession.





N-CIA is pleased to launch the --2017 Position list Application for the Aircraft Storage/Parking space of our new facility an hour from of Europe.

Yes, the Superior Commission of Large-scale Projects , headed by the Presidency of the Government of Tunisia, approved only three large projects. Among them, one and only project in aviation --our aircraft storage/parking facility. Our total project investment is 28 mill. Euro, starting with initial investment of 4.5 mill. Euro during the 1st phase/year of the project. Storage/parking ramps available for pre-booking.

Our international airport sizable facility (DTTZ) is at the crossroad of the Mediterranean, Africa, Europe (an hour), and quick access to the Middle East & Asia. Tozeur-Nefta International Airport can accommodate more than to 400 aircraft. Our location is "the American Mojave desert Aircraft Storage facility of Europe, with a touch of Palm Springs, California".

Our aircraft storage/parking attractive solutions, will guarantee an ideal convenient platform/hub to Benefit the aviation international community (airlines, corporate and general aviation) :

- Regular aircraft storage/parking.
- Unsold & change or end-of-lease aircraft.
- Design studio: VIP cabin interior.
- Trade-in of Commercial aircraft.
- New/used aircraft storage, demo display & fast dispatch to clients.
- Emergency recalls/grounded/cease/repo aircraft.
- And many other customized services.

For more information on parking and storage space application, please visit: or feel free, to contact us today for a consultation.
Coming soon, live streaming of Nouiss-Air Skyport construction at DTTZ Int'l Airport.

An Executive Team with over 200 years of combined experience.
N-CIA is your Gateway & Liaison to Africa and Europe.
Protect - Value - Measure - Interact -
- Retain Your assets.

"N-CIA the American Mojave desert Aircraft Storage facility of Europe, with a touch of Palm Desert, California"



Professional Assistance:
---Either for short stay or in a transit, our 7 days a week FBO will offer Internet connection, PC stations, meeting rooms, pilot's lounge/shower, fitness room, place for crew to relax and a cafeteria-lobby onsite.


Full Service FBO
The choice is yours, relax in our luxury hotels, choose to visit the famous site of Star Wars or maybe roaming through the streets scenes of Indiana Jones movie. Our onsite hospitality staff, will assist you to spend a memorable stay during your visit to Nouiss-Air Skyport FBO.

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