You Have Your Specialty, and We have Ours.









all type of vacation



According to your needs, you have the option of selecting and implementing the necessary services to meet your company's immediate demands. Over time you can incorporate additional services .

Our Premier Valuable Solution: We also offer second opinion consultations on existing or ongoing projects," You choose the approach" --An upfront challenge on your behalf, or --Behind the scenes support.

Fully customized Sales & Marketing Outsourcing solutions, as opposed to adding additional staff and expenses.


Aircraft Storage/parking

Airport Planning & Development Consultancy (special emphasis & expertise in Africa).

Private transportation, charter (tourism, tour operators...) and airlines launch.

Aircraft Fractional Ownership and Membership Transportation.

Aircraft as a Business Tool.

Aircraft Manufacturing consulting.

Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions.

Aerial advertising.

Aviation liaison office & services.

Information Technology:

for Aviation, Tourism & Hospitality only

Industrial Internet Solutions (IIS).

Customer Care and Billing Systems (BSCS).

N-Tiers application architecture development (Corba, jar ….).

Software Testing & Migration (CRM, CCBS).

MobileTelecommunication's Network, mainly the GSM.

Websites developments and designs.

Online (www) Marketing & Sales Outsourcing,
E-commerce, E-solutions, E-business...
and many more with our sister company


Tourism & Hospitality:

Hotels-Resorts conversions to Vacation ownership & Fractional Ownership...

Onsite Sales Training program & Personnel recruitment.

Sales staff performance-assessment during actual vacation ownersship presentations.

Market creation & development to existing and new business.

Vacation Ownership - property development, sales & marketing.

RCI Global Points.