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With current trends, many companies face difficult tasks knowing whom to recruit, what department to focus on, marketing strategies...; unless a corporation operates its own separate outsourcing company it cannot have total control over its' sales & marketing costs & planning. Our solution is simple, but not easy; however it is our specialty.
--Our bottom line is to lower your costs and to increase your Sales. You have your specialty and we have ours.


The client a US company, partly owned by an aerospace celebrity. Nouiss-Air conducted a successful project on behalf of a jet aircraft manufacturer (USA), with a Government authorities in North America. Purpose: The establishment of a partnership resulting in a successfully signed agreement among all parties, thanks to Nouiss-Air Consulting.

Tourism & Hospitality:

Case 1: The client: A leading Vacation Ownership Marketing company for a Four Season Resort in Canada. Nouiss-Air is retained to set up an Aerial service using a six-seater airplane to tour potential clients before attending sales presentation. The airplane was used as a "Marketing" &" Lead Generation" tool. The service involved a complete process, from the selection of the aircraft to the star- up of the air operation. Purpose: to lower marketing budget, to generate more leads, plus to increase sales, thanks to the airplane acting as --a credibility booster.

Case 2: The client: A new hotel. Nouiss-Air was retained to establish the departments of sales/marketing and product development of the newly built 210 rooms 4-star hotel. The challenge was to create a specific market niche, to increase sales of the existing/residing clients in the hotel. Purpose: The integration of daily tour-excursions with a large indoor shopping center owned by the same hotel owner, which resulted to a profitable operation.

Information Technology:

The development and design of a fully automated web based Vacation Ownership presentation exclusively Online, as opposed to attending a live presentation. It was the first and only company on the World Wide Web offering Online Vacation Ownership Web Tours. Nouiss-Air has also acquired the online sales & marketing account of the same business.



Your IT Solutions on AutoPilot


A looped pipeline to your complex machinery by:
- Networked sensors,
- Software,
- Industrial data system,
- Big data analysis,
- Machine-to-machine communications,
- Availability to Networks of human decision makers.
All possible, under the expertise of our Industrial Internet Development (IID) team.

Industrial Internet Development (IID):

Industrial Internet where each task facing its own direction, your company is the focal point. Our solution will drive your entire data stream in a closed loop. Then your operation has the power to become hyper efficient.

We can offer a wide range of Data Driven solutions, Information Technology and Industrial Internet Solutions --from simplest to the most sophisticated projects.

Confidentiality is our asset

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