Aircraft Storage/Parking --Position List Application (2018)

We are currently accepting deposits to reserve your position/place in line to lease a parking/storage space at N-CIA.
Short & Long-term Aircraft Storage/Parking Solutions
at DTTZ Int'l Airport
(one hour from Europe):

- AMM compliance & customized programs.
- All type of commercial aircraft... airlines, corporate and general aviation.
- Aircraft Park & Sell (Phase-In/Phase-Out).
- Type Rated-qualified Aircraft Engineers (Airbus & Boeing familly...).
- Records audits, assets management & sales.
- The only dry weather, non-corrosive desert condition, in the region.
- Paved parking/storage areas.
- Outdoor and Hangar Parking,
- ICAO International airport, located within an hour from Europe. Proximity of Africa, the Middle East & Asia.
- Convenient Hub for North & South America.
- 24/7 cameras surveillance, patrolling police & security, secured fenced Airport facility.
- 130 hectares (322 acres) of available space, with possible major extension.
- Full service FBO, travel/leisure arrangements, customer relations, aviation liaison office…
- Assets: confidentiality, integrity, advanced...
- Competitive rates: The best Price-Quality ratio in the aircraft storage & parking sector.
Europe: 738 million potential customers, within one hour flight.
n 2015 there were over 608 million international tourist arrivals to Europe, --Get closer to them.

2018 Aircraft Storage/Parking Position List Application Nouiss-Air
Position list policy:  First-come, first-served basis.
Our location: Tozeur-Nafta Int'l Airport (DTTZ) --is "the Mojave Desert Space Port of the EMEAR Region".

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* The Aircraft

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HelpUpon availibility of parking/storage space, aircraft model and identification must be provided by the operator at least 30 days before using the assigned space.
Desired Solution
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We are accepting refundable deposits to reserve your place in line to lease parking/storage services.
A deposit to reserve a position of a parking space/slot/spot/area per aircraft is 250 Euro.


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All deposits are refundable.

Solutions: Regular aircraft storage/parking - Unsold & change or end-of-lease aircraft - Trade-in of Commercial aircraft - New/used aircraft storage, demo display & fast dispatch to clients - Emergency recalls/grounded/cease/repo aircraft - Other customized services.


Terms & conditions: -The storage space, spot or the position list application is not transferable and is held for the individual applicant. At the time of signing the lease, the applicant is required to provide registration and proof of insurance for the aircraft.
- Deposits are refundable only if the applicant requests in writing to be removed from the position list prior to being offered a space. If the applicant refuses a space when offered, or cannot be located in thirty (30) days, the deposit will be forfeited.
 - Once the storage parking space is available, it is the applicant's responsibility to confirm that the requested storage space is appropriate for the type and size of aircraft intended for storage, prior to make payment for the leased space.
- Only aircraft operators can apply for the parking/storage space position list and make deposits (no third parties booking).
- Applicant agrees to keep his/her contact information current (update every change) with Nouiss-Air.
- Aircraft Storage/parking application for the position list is subject to approval as determined by Nouiss-Air in its sole discretion.
- Prior to arrival of the aircraft in our facility; aircraft bre-booking, movements, schedules and any relation with N-CIA is held strictly confidential and will not be shared with any third parties without the consent of our client; unless we are required or authorised to do so by law and/or other aviation regulation after the arrival of the aircraft in our facility.

You will be given the option to print this application.
We will contact you by email, with further information.
Information & prices are subject to change without any notice.
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